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The Kitchen Reunion Food Concepts logo consists of a vibrant green square with black silhouettes of cutlery - a fork, knife and spoon - and the slogan 'just order' in elegant font below. Below the square is the name 'Kitchen Reunion Food Concepts' in black capital letters, positioning the brand as an innovator in the foodservice sector.

Who we are:

Kitchen Reunion I Food Concepts stands for well thought-out implementation and sustainable success in the catering industry.

We are shaping the future of the industry with concepts that will endure both in the market and with our customers.

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our locations

Image of the sunlit facade of 'Hardy's Bar, Bistro & Events' at the Biel lido. The terrace is designed to be hospitable with tables, parasols and green plants that invite you to linger. The logo with the profile of a person and the stylized text 'It's The Bar Hardy's' dominates the scene and conveys a relaxed atmosphere for social events and gastronomy.

Hardy`s Bistro, Bar & Events

Biel Beach

Bistro, bar & terrace at the Biel lido offers 110 seats

Announcement poster for the pop-up restaurant 'Guapo Mexicano' with an opening date of May 6th, 2024. Above a bright yellow background, 'POP UP' is written in red and black letters, followed by 'GUAPOMEXICANO' and a designed sombrero above it. 'SAVE THE DATE' is written in a red stamp design below. In the lower part of the poster is the lettering 'FOODCOURT STÜCKI PARK' and a colorful Mexican-style skull as a visual highlight.

Guapo Mexicano Pop Up

Stücki Park


Take Away & Restaurant in Stücki Park Basel

offers 28 seats

View of the interior of the 'Thai Wok Kitchen' restaurant in Shoppyland Schönbühl. The dining room is illuminated by warm light from stylish hanging lamps and offers an inviting atmosphere with wooden tables and decorative Buddha statues. The open kitchen in the background with a bright red counter invites guests to watch the food being prepared, while the logo 'Thai Wok Kitchen - just order' is prominently placed in the foreground.

Thai Wok Kitchen



Take Away & Restaurant in Shoppyland Schönbühl

offers 45 seats

Interior view of the Thai Wok Kitchen restaurant in Stücki Park in Basel, decorated with a large-format mural of a Buddha in warm orange tones. The lively atmosphere is underlined by colorful chairs and wooden tables, while barrels serve as table bases. The room is overlooked by the bright Thai Wok Kitchen logo, which stands for an authentic culinary experience.

Thai Wok Kitchen

Stücki Park


Take Away & Restaurant in Stückipark Basel offers 16 seats

The busy take-away stand of Thai Wok Kitchen in Welle 7, right next to Bern main station. With the glowing 'THAI STREET KITCHEN' neon sign above the counter, which is decorated with a colorful collage of Thai motifs and images. A wooden barrel serves as a bar table in the foreground, and the kitchen is fully equipped with modern appliances for preparing authentic Thai food.

Thai Wok Kitchen

Wave 7


Take Away & Restaurant in Welle 7 Bern

offers 24 seats

Advertising sign for 'The Flavour Kitchen', which specialises in catering and event services throughout Switzerland. A bright yellow traffic sign with the word 'EVENTS' against a clear blue sky draws attention. Above and below the sign is The Flavour Kitchen's logo and slogan, including the hashtag #justorder and the addition 'Catering & Events' in stylish font.

The Flavour Kitchen

Catering & Events



Corporate Events

Private Events


Our Brands

Logo of 'Thai Wok Kitchen' in simple black font with a circular graphic element depicting a wok and a wooden spoon above the word 'Thai'. The slogan 'just order' is placed in smaller font directly below the main title.
The minimalist logo of 'Guapo Mexicano' in red and black, with a graphic element showing a stylized sombrero above a hexagonal symbol, underlined by the powerful lettering 'GUAPO MEXICANO' and the smaller claim 'just order' below, also in red.
The logo of 'Jack's Burger' shows a stylized burger as a symbol above the name 'JACK'S BURGER' in bold capital letters. Below that, the claim 'just order' is written in a discreet, smaller font.
A red-bordered square logo on a pale yellow background, featuring a red drawing of a fried chicken leg. Above it is 'FRIED CHICKEN' in bold red letters, and below that in smaller type the slogan 'just order'.
The logo of 'Pita House' features a simple line drawing of a bowl filled with pita bread and salad on top, placed above the name 'Pita House' in elegant black font. Below the name is the slogan 'just order', emphasizing the simplicity and directness of the service.
The 'Salad Factory' logo features a fresh salad bowl design above the boldly embossed word 'SALAD' in large grey letters, flanked by two green lines. Below the main title is the addition 'FACTORY' in a smaller font size, with the hashtag '#JUSTORDER' underneath.
The elegant logo of 'Poké Planet' in a curved font, followed by the slogan 'just order' in a more subtle, smaller font below, both in black on a white background.
The 'VEGAN AROUND THE WORLD' logo features the title 'VEGAN' in large, black letters with a green leaf symbol as an accent above. Below that, in smaller letters, is 'AROUND THE WORLD', followed by 'JUST ORDER' as a slogan suggesting a global selection of vegan dishes.

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