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The logo of 'Pita House' features a simple line drawing of a bowl filled with pita bread and salad on top, placed above the name 'Pita House' in elegant black font. Below the name is the slogan 'just order', emphasizing the simplicity and directness of the service.


Logo of the food delivery service 'food now' in bold purple font on a transparent background, with 'food' above 'now' and both words merging into one.
Logo of the food delivery service 'Just Eat' featuring a stylised orange house silhouette placed above the brand name written in capital letters, executed in the same vibrant orange on a black background.
Square logo with rounded corners featuring the word 'Uber Eats' in white font on a green background, symbolizing the food delivery service's brand.


An appetizing dish from Pita House, consisting of a crispy pita filled with grilled chicken, fresh tomatoes and creamy sauce. Next to the pita is a portion of golden french fries on a white plate, complemented by a glass of clear water in the background. The whole thing is served on a simple gray table, which presents the meal in an appealing and inviting way.


An appetizing dish from Pita House: a freshly prepared wrap filled with colorful vegetables, chicken strips and a light sauce, cut in half and attractively presented. Next to the wrap is a portion of crispy French fries and a glass of water with ice cubes on a white plate. The whole thing is arranged on an elegant gray background that highlights the food.


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