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Guapo Mexicano's logo is characterized by a minimalist representation: a stylized, geometric symbol resembling a man with a sombrero, in black above the name 'Guapo Mexicano' in striking red font. Below the name is the slogan 'just order' in simple black font, which puts the focus on the ease of ordering.


Logo of the food delivery service 'food now' in bold purple font on a transparent background, with 'food' above 'now' and both words merging into one.
Logo of the food delivery service 'Just Eat' featuring a stylised orange house silhouette placed above the brand name written in capital letters, executed in the same vibrant orange on a black background.
Square logo with rounded corners featuring the word 'Uber Eats' in white font on a green background, symbolizing the food delivery service's brand.


An appetisingly presented burrito, cut in half and arranged in a decoratively painted round bowl with vibrant Mexican patterns. The filling of spicy beef, corn and beans is clearly visible. The table is decorated with a colourful Mexican cloth and red chili peppers, surrounded by small cacti, which underlines the traditional ambience.


Appetizing quesadilla served on a white plate, presented on a colorful Mexican fabric cloth. The quesadilla is filled and baked until golden brown, with visible traces of melted cheese and a dark sauce. The scene is surrounded by a collection of small cacti in terracotta pots and red chili peppers decorating the cloth, enhancing the traditional Mexican atmosphere.


A colorfully served dish of chili con carne (or chili sin carne) in a hand-painted bowl with leaf motifs, decorated with a dollop of sour cream in the center. The dish is placed on a colorful woven Mexican cloth and surrounded by small cacti in terracotta pots and fresh red chili peppers, which underline the warmth and variety of flavors of the dish.


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